real estate agent Ostend (The Coast)

Sales, rental, holiday rental and takeover mediation in Ostend and on the Belgian coast. Immo Agence Dermul Oostende is a team of 35 real estate brokers who feel at home in real estate like no other. We know that you want customization. Every property, every home, every second home is different. No two villas are alike in the same allotment, no two apartments are alike in the same building. We know that you live differently from your neighbor, we take into account the cost of the interior or renovations. We know that you as a buyer have different requirements than as an owner, tenant or investor. We take this into account. Our advice and approach in the execution of your assignment is 100% tailored to your situation. Depending on your question, we have one of our specialists or a complete team.

Karel Janssenslaan 1 - 8400 OSTEND

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