How to quickly sell your house without an agency in Belgium?
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1 January 2022

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Are you having trouble selling your house? Are the administrative steps complicated? You don’t know how to find potential buyers? At, we know how difficult it is to sell your house without an agency in Belgium.

Imagine that all the steps to follow to sell your house are available in 1 click!

Or that with a single click, you could put your property up for sale on a platform that finds buyers for you! is one of the biggest real estate websites in Belgium. Our blog is there to answer questions such as: “How to sell my house?” or “How to sell my house without an agency in Belgium?”

In addition, offers a platform that allows anyone who wants to sell their house without an agency in Belgium to benefit from our platform to display their property. On our site, you can benefit from our audience of approximately 2,000,000 visits per month.

But how to sell your house quickly? It’s as easy as clicking this button!

How do I sell my house as a private person?

If you too are asking yourself: “how to sell my house without an agency?”, you are at the right place in this article, I will try to answer as simply as possible.

Selling your house yourself

Selling your house yourself can be a complicated and time-consuming task. Fortunately, has created this blogpost to help people like you to understand all the steps involved in selling your house in Belgium.

Firstly, you need to ask yourself the question, “how are you going to sell your house?” for this there are several solutions, you can use them separately or apply them at the same time to maximise your chances!

Firstly, to sell your house yourself, you can tell your social circle that you are selling your property. The best strategy is to simply ask with simple phrases, for instance:

“Hi John, did you know I am selling my house? Do you know any people who might be interested in buying my house?”.

Then you have the more traditional option of putting up a sign/poster on your doorstep saying, for example, “I’m selling my house, contact me on 04 000/00/00 for more information”.

Finally you have a more modern method like selling your house on the internet!

Selling your house on the Internet

There are several ways to sell your house on the internet, you can use social networks such as Facebook groups dedicated to selling houses.

There are also websites to sell your house. We recommend the website, as we offer an audience directly interested in real estate. 20% of our visitors contact at least 3 agencies per month.

What are the requirements for selling a house?

You don’t know what the steps are to sell your property. You are wondering if there are any additional costs or fees to consider when selling a property.

What documents are required to sell a house?

The first thing to do in preparing your documents for the sale is to organise your paperwork. You already have some of the required documents and need to request additional planning information from the relevant authorities such as your local council. If you are an organised person, you probably have your property deed ready. This is the notary’s document that was given to you when you bought the property. Depending on the situation, you will need to attach additional files:

  • If you inherit the property, you will need the declaration of succession.
  • If you have visited the land surveyor, you will need to attach the documents relating to their interventions (plans, demarcations, reports, etc.)
  • If your house is part of a regulated property zone, please include the zoning requirements.

Obtain a cadastral map of your property and have a plan drawn up within 15 days. Go to your local town hall to obtain planning permission and certificates for your property. In addition to these formalities, don’t wait for the necessary appointments to establish the obligatory appraisal.

How do I get an estimation of my house’s worth?

The results of this estimate complete the sales documents, which can be consulted by people interested in your property.

You will obtain an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) from an accredited certification body.

This certificate is valid for 10 years and is mandatory. It is an inspection of the electrical infrastructure. As such, it informs buyers about the energy needs of your house, and you must mention its results in your advertising. Note that if you already have an EPC that is less than 10 years old, you do not need to request another one.

Next, an approved inspection body will provide you with an electrical inspection certificate valid for 25 years. Like the EPC, if you already have a valid one in your possession, requesting another one is not useful unless you have carried out work related to residential electrical installations since then. If the capacity of your home’s fuel tank exceeds 3,000 litres, depending on the region, the following conditions may apply:

  • In Wallonia, the tanks must be checked for leaks by an approved technician.
  • In the Brussels region, if the tank is airborne, an environmental permit must be obtained.
  • In Flanders, inspections are also mandatory, but for tanks with a capacity of more than 5,000 litres.

You must also prove to the buyer that there is no soil contamination, which means providing a soil certificate. This is now mandatory in all 3 regions.

Finally, you must provide your buyer with the intervention follow-up documentation (documentation de suivi d’intervention/postinterventiedossier). This document details the work carried out on the property since 2001: plans, materials used, invoices, photos, etc. Once you have gathered all these documents, your sales file is complete.

You can then proceed with the sale of the house yourself by going through the platform or contact a real estate professional.

When should you sell your house? has a large database of real estate data that can help you answer the questions like “when to sell my house? or “where to sell my house”? and “what should I know when selling my house?”

Our data will for example give you an overview of the prices per m² in the different regions.

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