Work with a real estate agency

find the right real estate agency

This service will put you in contact with a local real estate agency, which will help you find a buyer or tenant for your property.

The agency takes care of a lot of the formalities for you and makes sure you can sell or rent out your property in the best possible circumstances: worry-free, at the best possible price and as fast as possible.

The agency can also provide you with an estimate of your property’s value.

real estate agent, a profession regulated by the IPI/BIV

Regulated profession

This profession is statutory and regulated: everyone active as a real estate agent should be registered at the IPI (The Professional Institute of Estate Agents) and follow a series of guidelines.

All this means you’re working in a secure environment.


  • Expertise

    You’re working with a real estate professional

  • A lot of visibility

    Publication of your ad on our real estate website (nearly 2 million visits per month) and, potentially, in our Logic-immo magazine

  • Publication on our mobile apps

    iOs and Android

  • Publication of your ads by our digital partners.

sell, rent and estimate real estate with the biggest real estate expertise

Sell, rent, estimate your property

  • No hassle
  • Correct pricing
  • Faster
  • Support by a real estate professional

How does it work?

Click the button below and complete the steps: 2 simple forms to complete. This information will allow us to put you in contact with the real estate agent(s) of your choice, no matter if you want to sell, rent out, or receive an estimate for your property.

We’ll then propose of list of local real estate agencies for you to choose from. Next, you can make your choice between the suggested agents. If we can’t find any agencies in your location, we’ll suggest agencies located near you.