real estate agent Schaarbeek (Brussels)

Our real estate agency acquired in 1973 a semi-industrial building located in Schaerbeek (1030 Brussels). The origins of construction date back to 1870. It was then a building used as a soap factory. In 1920, the Société des Galeries et Grand Bazar du Boulevard Anspach bought the building to make it a warehouse. It was the architect Victor HORTA who then drew up the plans for a new building which completed the existing complex. In 1930, another renowned architect, Michel POLAK, was responsible for expanding and renovating the old building. Our company entrusted to the architect Luc SCHUITEN, in 1993, a vast project of transformation and renovation of the building. Our real estate agency is equipped with modern and high-performance equipment: ISDN telephone exchange, fax, recent computers connected to the Internet by cable, equipment for digitizing images and digital shooting, etc. We can accommodate our customers in all conviviality.

Rue Vanderlinden 22 - 1030 SCHAARBEEK

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