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The real estate agency SOLICO In Liège everything is different. Over the ages, the city's reputation has been built on a series of specific values; ardor, community, pride. Since 1955, Solico has built and sold most of the buildings in the city center of Liège using these same values, with over 5,000 sales concluded! To sell your property, our team will rely on a network of several thousand customers and prospects in addition to certain traditional communication tools such as signs, press and portals. Solico Immo will also use innovative marketing methods (virtual visits, direct marketing, online marketing). We will take a special look at your home. Indeed, for each file, Solico Immo constitutes an ultra-complete file, an individual notebook established on the basis of a valuation studied according to the criteria inherent to your property. Each project is also the subject of a detailed presentation according to each buyer. Solico Immo and the Demarche Family, now represented by the third and fourth generations, are your reliable and dynamic partners for managing the sale, purchase and rental of apartments, commercial premises and houses in Liège and its surroundings. If you wish to speak to one of our advisers, contact us now.

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