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Belgium is a country in Western Europe and one of the founding states of the European Union. The capital Brussels is home to its major institutions ( such as the European Council and the Commission) and also the headquarters of international organizations such as NATO . Belgium covers an area of 30,528 km² with a population of 11 million inhabitants. Around the country lying Netherlands , France , Germany , Luxembourg and the North Sea; the geographical center situated in Walloon Brabant. The maximum distance, between De Panne and Arlon, is 318 km.

Geography and climate

The terrain is relatively flat , and consists of three zones : the lowlands ( less than 100m height) , middle Belgium (from 100 to 200 m) and the highlands ( from 200 to more than 500m - with 694m, Signal Botrange is the highest point ) . The country has a temperate climate with regular rainfall , an average of 200 days a year.


Belgium has a lot to offer to tourists, the two biggest attractions being the Belgian seaside and the Ardennes . The Ardennes, the green lung of the country, are ideal for walkers and cyclists, as well as for fans of peace and nature in general. At the other end, the Coast is particularly popular with sunbathers and adepts of seaside pleasures. Those who have a weakness for art, culture and architecture are more likely to visit the art cities, such as Brussels. There one can enjoy the local gastronomy as well as numerous cultural events and a bustling nightlife. The Belgians are also known for their love of fine dining and their hospitality . The restaurants are excellent, and what's more enjoyable than end a beautiful day in style with a delicious Flemish beef stew and a glass of Trappist beer ?

Housing and living in Belgium

When it comes to real estate, the contrasts are big. Though Belgium is relatively cheap in proportion to the build quality with an average house price of € 230,000, prices show significant differences between Brussels ( € 407,000 ), Flanders ( € 246,000 ) and Wallonia ( € 174,000 ). The two central provinces of the country (Flemish and Walloon Brabant ) are also fairly expensive, so especially for families with modest incomes, it is gradually becoming rather difficult to live there. Elsewhere in Flanders, even more so in Wallonia , prices are a lot more affordable outside of the large cities.

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