Grez-Doiceau is a municipality in the province of Walloon Brabant that incorporates Archennes (including Florival), Biez, Bossut-Gottechain (including Pécrot), Grez-Doiceau (including Gastuche, Doiceau and Hèze) and Nethen. The municipality of Grez-Doiceau covers 55.88 km² and has a population of nearly 13,000. It is home to the Fernand Vanbever municipal primary school, which is spread across several sites, as well as three private schools (Saint Jean-Baptiste, Sainte-Elisabeth and Saint Joseph-aux-Champs).

Possible leisure activities include a visit to the music academy, the municipal library, the toy library or even the "Au Grez des Arts" art gallery. The municipality offers plenty of activities for young and old thanks to its various sports clubs.

House prices range from € 140,000 to over € 400,000, while a villa would set you back in the region of one million euros. Flats are very rarely on sale.

Real estate Grez Doiceau

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