Situated in the east of Belgium in Wallonia, Liège is the capital of the Liège province. With a population of nearly 200,000, this city of nearly 70 km² has a population of approximately 700,000 together with its suburbs. It is the largest Walloon conglomeration and the third largest conglomeration in Belgium after Brussels and Antwerp. Liège has a large religious heritage, which includes a cathedral, seven collegiates, eight abbeys, 50 convents and several dozen other religious sites. Nature-lovers can enjoy Parc de la Boverie, the botanical gardens and Parc d'Avroy, to mention but a few places. Liège is also famous for its party atmosphere and cafes that never seem to close. There are also a large number of cultural sites in the city of Liège. The city is accessible via numerous railways stations, its airport and bus lines. Property prices are average for Wallonia.

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