Roosdaal is a municipality in the province of Flemish-Brabant. With over 11.000 inhabitants, it’s situated to the West of Brussels in the green belt and is part of the agrarian “Pajotteland”. The border with Ninove is partially made up of the river Dender. The Ninoofsesteenweg (N8), which connects Ninove to Brussels, also runs through Roosdaal.

Furthermore, Roosdaal is known for its fruit cultivation, most notably strawberries. Where in the past there were small cultivators to be found in the streets, nowadays the cultivation has disappeared from day to day life and has been handed over to large, professional companies that sell their products through big auctions. Apart from strawberries, raspberries are another important fruit grown in the area.

The most notable sights and attractions in Roosdaal are the Monument "Dikke van Pamel" in Pamel, the Grot van Poelk in Pamel and the Zepposmolen in Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Lombeek, as well as some magnificent churches and chapels.
You can also enjoy the cycling routes Valleitjesroute, Groene Koepelroute, Pajotse Panorama's and the Boerenkrijgroute. And of course the forming towing path alongside the Dender is also something to consider when planning a cycling trip.


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