The municipality of Soignies is located in the Hainaut province and includes the villages of Naast, Horrues, Tieusies, Caseau, Neufvilles and Chaussée-Notre-Dame-Louvignies. The medieval structure of the town of Soignies has been preserved throughout the centuries. The River Senne cuts right through the town and flows on to Brussels. The town is criss-crossed by many streams, which flow into the Senne.

Soignies covers an area of 110 km² and has more than 26,000 inhabitants. It is situated near Mons and is easily accessible via the E19 motorway or by train via the Brussels-Quévy line. Pupils do not have to travel very far as there are several schools in the municipality.

In terms of property prices, a house or flat cost on average € 160,000 in 2012, while the average price of a villa was approximately € 270,000.

Real estate Soignies

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