West Flanders
West Flanders

West-Flanders is a province in the Northwest of Belgium, situated in the Flemish Region. It shares borders with The Netherlands and France, and also with the provinces of East-Flanders and Hainaut.
The capital of West-Flanders is the world renowned Bruges. It’s the third biggest city in Flanders, but Kortrijk, Oostende and Roeselare can also be found in the top 20. With 1,2 million inhabitants for its 3.144 km², it has a low population density, which becomes very clear when you see all of the rural communities in the Westhoek.
At the center of this tramline you’ll find Oostende, the most beautiful of Belgium’s coastal cities. Millions of tourists find their way there, and to the coastline in general, every year. Other hotspots are Het Zwin, Ieper with its museum In Flanders Fields and Bruges with countless museums and monuments to visit. UNESCO has even protected the West-Flemish bell towers and beguinages, as well as the prawn fishermen of Oostduinkerke!
West-Flanders is the only Belgian province with a coastline. It’s also the place where the IJzer flows into the sea. Other notable waterways include De Leie and De Schelde. The most important highways are the E40, E34 and E17. Along the coastline you can use the coastal tramline to get around, going all the way from Knokke in the East to De Panne in the West.

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