real estate agent Elsene (Brussels)

For over twenty years, Philip Jakout, manager of the company (SPRL), led a double activity independent architect and real estate expert, in the general field of architecture and construction. As the missions, opportunities and meetings, a practice real estate agent has been developed, which was formalized in joining the list of members IPI. This triple control, which are adjoint to the complementary skills of competent and dynamic trading partners, is now at your service to assist you optimally in all your efforts related to real estate, whether the rental , sale, purchase, resumption of trade, development of promotions., and this, in a process and an ethical attitude and always respectful of your wishes and instructions. We also offer any service in the field of expertise (the inventories, technical consulting, auditing of goods, energy audit & certification, evaluations, coordination of technical studies, etc.). And coaching at all stages the sale and purchase of property. WE ALSO PROPERTY MANAGEMENT (STAGE MANAGER). see WW.ROSACE.EU CALL NOW ! Catherine Van Erp 0479.23.77.11 Philippe Jakout 0478.33.11.26 Office 02.335.00.50

Rue de la Brasserie 95 - 1050 ELSENE

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